wordswag_1506861046297Having my son in October 2016, really opened my eyes to the issues that mothers face. Trying to tackle those issues head on in my personal life is something I’ve become really passionate about and one challenge that I know we face as mothers is looking after ourselves. We are constantly needed by someone and in many ways, we are so lucky to have these little (and big!) people in our lives that look to us for absolutely everything. I know, I, like many women, am a complete perfectionist and I want to be able to give the best of myself in everything I do, the best mother, the best wife, the best of myself at work and the list goes on. Thing is, when we juggle so many plates and wear so many hats, it’s really hard to give the best of ourselves. Unless we really look after ourselves, it’s virtually impossible.

Starting in January 2018, I am launching Mission Mums, a project that helps mums to learn self-care, really start to look after themselves and build new life long habits. Self-care is so important but it is not a skill that we are taught and we often feel bad for taking time to ourselves as if we’re being selfish. This is not a quick fix or a magic solution to years of bad habits but this is a tried, tested and evidence based way of kickstarting huge improvements in your wellbeing. It is also realistic from one busy mother to another. In other words, there will be no suggestions of having long candlelit bubble baths or daily two-hour walks through the countryside!

wordswag_1506860842592Whatever your reason for thinking about coming on board, I can assure you that this programme is for you because I work with each mum individually and it is completely tailored to you and your situation. I take on 10 women for each challenge so be prepared to also meet some fabulous ladies that will go on this journey with you.

Each Mission Mums challenge lasts for 3 months. I meet with each of you individually once a month and we meet as a group once a month too, in Cheltenham. At your group meetings, we will learn about what wellbeing is and ways of improving our wellbeing. At your individual meetings, we will explore what wellbeing means for you and I will work with you to put a monthly wellbeing plan in place.

I am running a launch offer for the challenge of £180 (down from the future price of £250) for 12 weeks. This is an amazing price for an indepth 3 month challenge and includes absolutely everything, Mission Mum Meet Ups, Individual Wellbeing Consultations, online support in between sessions and a Mission Mums workbook and materials.  This challenge will be running at least twice during 2018 but this is the cheapest it is ever going to be so take full advantage!

Having become a mum this time last year, I can honestly say that it has been, without a doubt, the biggest transition I have ever undertaken. If you know me, you know that really means something because between 2012 and 2016 I worked full time while completing a part time Masters, changed jobs several times as contracts ended and new ones began, moved house five times including moving across the country leaving everything I knew behind, met my husband, got engaged after seven months, got married, tackled huge personal changes (positive ones but a massive emotional rollercoaster!), finally bought our house and then decided to throw a baby into the mix, just for fun! I do say the latter in jest because I know just how lucky we are to have our son. Many are not as blessed as we have been in their journey to parenthood. I also don’t list these things to gloat as how ‘busy’ I am. I’ve made this list to point out how wonderfully ridiculous my life has been for the past few years.

As women, I think we put enormous pressure on ourselves to ‘have it all’, ‘be it all’ and ‘do it all’. Ultimately, though, there is a limit to each of us. I think I came very close to discovering what my limits are these last few years and although there have been some really challenging moments, I have tried to see these as learning experiences. I learnt to slow down a lot and really look after myself. Believe me, if I can change my life and habits, so can you!

To book the Mission Mums Challenge, complete the form on this page.

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