Grandma's Special Herbs

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning with an aim to understand the factors that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Love, happiness, compassion, authenticity etc are all at the heart of the human experience. So why is it that until recently, very little has been done to understand it? Psychology as a discipline has focussed on the Disease Model. In layman’s terms, this is focussing on our ‘brokenness’ and how we can be ‘fixed’ and ‘repaired’ instead of looking at strengths and what is good and right about people. Of course, the Disease Model has it’s place and is so important and needed but so is a model looking at human potential, strengths, talent, genius, wellbeing and so on. It can be argued that psychologists know much less about mental health than mental illness. We know that every day in the world there are numerous acts of kindness, love and even sacrifice taking place. This ‘positivity’ really is at the heart of the human psyche. We cannot deny the negative but a balance is required.

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